Ideas for individuals

Wear a ribbon online, not just on your jacket! Get a ribbon for your Twitter and Facebook profiles, so everyone can see your support World AIDS Day.

Take a red ribbon selfie: If you’ve got a ribbon in the real world too, take a selfie with it, share and ask your friends: #WhatWillYouDo ?

Learn the facts about HIV and AIDS: Read the facts about HIV and AIDS.

Once you know the facts, act on them: use condoms, don’t share injecting kit, and get tested regularly if you think you might be at risk.

Show your support online: like AIDSdayScot on Facebook and follow @AIDSdayScot on Twitter, share posts about HIV and ask #WhatWillYouDo ?

Find out what’s on near you: go to a local event or take and share a picture of a local building turning red for 1 December.

Challenge stigma and prejudice: Don’t let prejudice and stigma go unnoticed. So do your bit: know the facts about HIV, think about the language you use, and show your support.

Support a service: There are incredible services supporting people with HIV right across Scotland. Find one near you and show your support – attend one of their events, help them raise funds or even volunteer.

Whatever you decide to do, tell us about it. Use #WhatWillYouDo, tweet us, post on Facebook, or email us. Your work could help inspire others to ask the big question: What Will You Do?