Ideas for organisations

Turn your lights red: Join buildings and landmarks across the country taking part in Light Up Scotland – turn your office external lights red to show your support for World AIDS Day.

Show your support online: Add a red ribbon to your organisation’s profile picture on Facebook and Twitter or post a photo of your team marking World AIDS Day, using the tag #WhatWillYouDo.

Get connected: follow and share posts about HIV facts and events across Scotland from @AIDSdayScot on Twitter and AIDSdayScot on Facebook.

Share leaflets, posters or ribbons: Order ribbons, leaflets and posters about World AIDS Day and HIV facts to share with staff, clients, supporters or customers.

Hold an event: Hold a lunchtime talk about HIV, a fundraising quiz night or bake sale for a HIV charity; anything to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS will help. There are template posters and leaflets you can use to promote it too.

Pop an article in your newsletter or website: Help raise awareness about HIV – highlight some key facts about HIV and what your organisation’s up to to mark the day.

Whatever you decide to do, tell us about it. Use #WhatWillYouDo, tweet us, post on Facebook, or email us. Your work could help inspire others to ask the big question: What Will You Do?